If you are seeking protection for a idea with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we can help. It is possible to use secure electronic communication to obtain intellectual property protection cost effectively. There are time limits within which the idea must be patented so do not delay, specially when the first consultation is free. We use the USPTO electronic filing system (EFS) to avoid mail delays.

We can help manage the Intellectual Property portfolio of Patents through prosecution, appeal, and litigation. If you are interested in pursuing this further, you will have to appoint us as your attorney by signing a fees agreement, and explain the invention to us. Get counsel.

Getting a patent involves submitting an application to the USPTO patent office. Patents are granted for timely, new, and non-obvious inventions. The USPTO charges fees for patent applications. The current fees schedule can be found by clicking on the following link. You may qualify for reduced fees if you are a small business entity and if you have not licensed your invention to a big corporation.

Drafting a patent application involves describing the invention in detail, making drawings and writing sections with detailed descriptions and illustrations. After the application is submitted, one has to respond to the additional questions / inquiries / actions from the patent office. The processing of this application may take a few months or years but you can refer to your invention as "patent pending" as soon as the application is submitted.

We have a virtual office. We meet clients over the web (AV conference). We securely share documents using a cloud service. We can use a workflow defined at our private instance of Next-Cloud for reasonable fees, or follow a workflow in-use at your company. All your information will be secure and protected under the attorney-client confidentiality privilege.

We will invoice third party fees and incidental expenses in advance of payment, and attorney fees after we have completed substantive work. Attorney fees is as follows. Petitioning, or appealing USPTO will be a separate process and fees structure. You agree to cover all third party fees, including any for unintentional omission or defect, and all incidental expenses.

  • Patentability opinion based on search $2500

  • To be representative on file for an application at the USPTO $400

  • Preparing application without claims $4300, or Reviewing application without claims $1700

  • Preparing application claims (20) $3300, or Reviewing application claims (20) $1300

  • Filing application $700

  • Preparing response $1400, or Reviewing response $550

  • Filing each response $400